Peter Groom is a highly experienced IT Assessor, Troubleshooter & Technology Consultant. He has previously worked as an Interim CIO, CTO, COO and MD across the E-Commerce, Retail, Gaming, Telecommunications, Investment Banking & Hospitality sectors, for the past 16 years. He is a specialist in IT Assessment and Due Diligence and provides pragmatic, practical advice and recommendations to technology growth businesses as well as turnaround situations.

Able to communicate at all levels in an organisation with a "can do" attitude, a strong track record of delivering "impossible" initiatives and the ability to innovate by utilising proven technology in one sector, to solve a business challenge in another. His mix of curiosity in technology and the latest advances, is coupled with a strong interest in people, their welfare and the best interests of the organisation. His blog posts cover some of the questions that he has been asked, usually when he acts as an assessor, consultant, advisor and even mentor, as he conducts IT assessments & due diligence or troubleshoots numerous organisation challenges. He helps technology organisations where growth has stalled, high tech startups facing exponential international demand and of course, IT turnaround scenarios.

If you have a question, or would just like to talk (coffee is always welcomed), then please get in touch via the "Contact" menu tab