Pete's Blog - all things Technology, IT Assessment and Due Diligence

As a Consultant, IT Assessor, Troubleshooter (and the many other names that I have been called!) I am asked so many questions about a huge number of topics ... and frankly, I can't remember the answers to all of them. They range from assessing technology teams, stalled business growth and turnaround challenges through to people, process and IT & technology requests.

So I thought that I would put them down in a blog, mostly to aid my memory, but if they are useful to someone else then that is great too. That means that these posts are how I solved a particular issue or challenge and although hopefully there may be a correlation to whatever someone else is facing, technology in particular moves on at such a rapid pace that my solution may no longer be suitable. If so then please get in touch via the "Contact Pete" tab and if I can help then I will.